Paris and its remarkable Places

Paris is capital of France. As par my friend at Plano roofing companies was telling me that this city is also called “City of love” and “City of lights”. Paris is most populous city of France and most visited place by tourists. Paris is famous for many things one of them is “Fragrance”, fragrances of Paris are famous around the world. Paris is considered capital of fashion, entertainment, business, art and culture. This city is labeled by great name of fashion designers Yves Saint-Laurent, Lancôme, L’Oreal and Christian Dior. If you visit Paris you have many options of shopping. There are shopping malls, open air market, boutique etc.

Eiffel Tower:

This is an iconic symbol of Paris, the most visited place by tourists. It is located in Champ De mark Park in Paris. It is made up of iron and its height is more than 1000 feet.


Louvre museum is located in Louvre Palace. A glass pyramid is made up of glass in on entrance. This museum has almost more than 1 million objects. Some art work is also displayed in this museum.

Arc De triomphe:

This was one of the most popular places in Paris. It was constructed in 1806. Its height is almost 164 feet. When you visit this place you will discover more and more about its history and origin.


Sacre-Coeur is Roman Catholic Church. Foundation stone was laid on 16 July 1875. After many hurdles it was completed in 1914. Its cost was about 7 million.

Musse d`Orsay:

This is a world for art lovers. This place has an amazing art work and objects from mid-1800 to early 1900. Degas, Pissarro, Renoir and Van Gogh left their amazing art which is now part of this beautiful art gallery.

Disneyland Paris:

Disneyland which is also known as fairyland is most visited park of Paris. It has amazing rides, food points, hotels and resorts. After United States it was opened in Paris in 1992.